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Director :

Joe Lynch

Stars :

Salma Hayek, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Laura Cepeda

Genre :

Action, Thriller

Release :


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Watch Everly online full movie on Soap2day, Held against her will for years by a sadistic Yakuza boss, the seductively dangerous Everly finally gets a chance to break free from slavery. Armed with an almost inexhaustible arsenal of destructive weaponry and a rabid will to survive, the wronged woman can now turn the tables on her evil tormentors, as a lucrative open contact on Everly's head attracts an endless wave of cutthroats. However, with the lives of her estranged mother and her little daughter under threat, only a miracle can get Everly out of a tight spot. Can she single-handedly ward off a merciless onslaught of assassins to save her family?

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