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Director :

Sönke Wortmann

Stars :

Lavinia Wilson, Jürgen Vogel, Juliane Köhler

Genre :

Comedy, Drama

Release :


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Watch Schoßgebete online full movie on Soap2day, Elizabeth, a neurotic stubborn woman in her thirties, likes to suppress her problems with exuberant sex. She has a pre-teen daughter, Liza from her first husband, Stefan but divorced a long time ago and now lives with her new husband, Georg. In order to get her life in order, she regularly visits her therapist, Drescher with whom she also talks about her tragic past. Once she had three brothers, but all died in a traffic accident. An event that will, of course, accompany her throughout her life and with which she tries to deal as well as possible. But her role as a mother and wife also plays an important role in the sessions, because she is obsessed with always doing the right thing and helping her environment. Her sexual insatiability thus serves her above all as an escape and as the only way to let herself fall right off and simply shake off the stressful environment around her. The only thing that does not scare her: sex. She likes to have sex with prostitutes in the brothel, together with her husband.

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